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After COVID-19 Hospitalization, the Food Bank Was a Lifeline

Araceli and her sonWe met Araceli and her son at a drive-through food distribution in West Covina. Araceli shared her story with us as volunteers loaded 80 pounds of food into her trunk. Soon after losing her job in May, Araceli contracted COVID-19 and suffered significant complications. In the hospital, she tried to figure out who would care for her son if she died. She survived but then unemployment relief lapsed. To spend nine days in the hospital and come home to nothing was devastating. The Food Bank has been a vital lifeline for her through her recovery from COVID-19.

"When you’re a Mom, you do anything you can for your children and your family. And every little bit goes a long, long way. And what the Food Bank provides, oh my goodness, it’s invaluable, especially when you have nothing else but what the Food Bank can provide."

Despite the upheaval COVID-19 has caused in her life, Araceli feels blessed to be alive. This is something we witness every day speaking with clients. People who have lost their livelihoods because of this pandemic truly appreciate that the Food Bank is there with good food for their families to live on until things get better. Araceli had a special message for our donors:

"Thank you to everybody who donated, everybody who supports the Food Bank. Keep supporting it because it helps people like us who have lost their jobs, got the worst kind of COVID and now just want to survive"