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Planned Giving

An investment for the future.

Providing Food and Hope

Carol Taylor

Carol picks up food from My Friends House, Inc.

Carol Taylor, 61, visits one of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank's 600-plus partner agencies, My Friends House, Inc., on a weekly basis to pick up much-needed groceries. She receives meat, vegetables, cereal, milk and other nutritious items, which she takes back to her family. "It helps me during the week when I run short on money for food," Carol says. "I know I can come here and get something to provide a meal for my family."

Carol estimates that she is able to save at least $50 every week by receiving this food and says it helps her pay other bills. "When I pay my gas and water bill, I have hardly any money left."

My Friends House, Inc., which receives the majority of its food—approximately 16,000 pounds—from the Food Bank every month, is a vital resource for the 300 to 350 people it feeds on a weekly basis.

Carol remembers what it was like before she found them. "There were nights when I would go hungry, before I knew about the Food Bank," Carol recalls. "When you look at your finances and you can't make ends meet, you have anxiety about where you're going to get food. It's very depressing."

Supporters of the Food Bank give hope to families like Carol's. "I would just say a big thank you for your love and your support. You just don't know how you're impacting the community. There's a big need to feed America and you're doing an excellent job. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

To learn how you can help families in need, like Carol's, contact Roger Castle at [email protected] or 323-234-3030 x147.