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Food Bank Partner Agency Increases Distributions Amid the Pandemic

Food delivery

Immanuel Presbyterian Church, a Food Bank partner agency, is fighting hunger and giving hope in their Koreatown community.

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank works with 600 partner agencies across LA County. Since the pandemic began in March, the Food Bank has worked to provide more drive-through distributions.

As of June 2, 50 partner agency sites have reported suspending food distribution due to COVID-19, including two food pantries near Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Koreatown. The limited resources on top of the increased demand have caused a significant need for food assistance within the area.

To meet the heightened demand in their community, the church increased food distribution from once a week to six days a week. The number of people they've helped has grown from 120 to more than 1,200 in just three weeks.

Immanuel Presbyterian Director of Operations Virginia Beaboa sees the food distribution as a way for the church to meet the neighborhood demands.

"We wanted to set up and meet the gap," Virginia says. "I have seen—especially in the past several weeks—just relief on their faces when we are able to help them meet a need for their families, their kids and their elderly."

Marc Anthony Aparicio, music director at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, describes how members of his family have been laid off—including his mother after 30 years with the same hotel. He is thankful for the food, which he uses to provide for his family.

"Thank God we have a Food Bank," Marc says. "It's not just the food itself, but it brings hope."

You can fight hunger and give hope. Contact Roger Castle at 323-234-3030 x147 or [email protected] to learn how.