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Keeping Seniors Fed and Safe in the Pandemic

Man delivering box of food to senior woman

A brand-new home delivery program ensures seniors receive nutritious food.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Los Angeles County last March, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has reimagined operations to dramatically increase the quantity of healthy food we can provide to our most vulnerable neighbors.

Approximately 30% of our clients are low-income seniors. At the onset of the pandemic, public health experts recommended that older adults, who are among the most vulnerable to the virus, stay home as much as possible. Without food assistance, seniors may not have enough to eat, but leaving home to pick up food during a pandemic puts their health at great risk. We realized immediately that LA County seniors needed a better option.

In March of 2020, the Food Bank began a brand-new home delivery program, vastly increasing access to high-quality, nutritious food for homebound seniors. Home delivery allows us to safely infuse this community with more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as low-sodium, low-sugar and high-protein shelf-stable foods. In 2020, the Food Bank delivered more than 3.5 million pounds of food to nearly 163,000 individuals at home. We know that mobility for many seniors, especially those who rely on public transportation, will continue to be challenging for some time, and we anticipate scaling and expanding home delivery further in the days to come.

Your support puts food on the table for anyone who needs it and invests in innovative programs, like senior home delivery, that mean so much for the long-term health of our neighbors.

Ensure that seniors can continue to receive healthy food safely at home with a gift supporting the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Contact Roger Castle at 323-234-3030 x147 or [email protected] to learn more.