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The Need in Los Angeles County Has Increased Markedly


Laverna received food for herself and two homebound neighbors at a recent Food Bank drive-through event. The Food Bank is now serving 900,000 people monthly.

Before the pandemic, 1 in 5 people in LA County faced food insecurity, and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank was reaching 300,000 people each month. After the coronavirus outbreak, the number of food-insecure people spiked. Thanks to our donors, volunteers and partners, the Food Bank is now able to reach 900,000 people each month.

Laverna is one of the hundreds of thousands of people who recently received food from the Food Bank. She attended a recent drive-through food distribution at Athens Park in Los Angeles and was impressed with the safety and efficiency of the operation.

While picking up for herself, she also picked up food for her 83-year-old neighbor, Ms. Johnson, and another neighbor named Tanya. Her two neighbors are currently unable to leave their houses because of preexisting health issues, so she decided to become the designated pick-up person. Laverna says she is willing to go out of her way because "they are my neighbors, and I love them, and I don't want to see them get ill from this virus."

In addition to providing drive-through distributions, the Food Bank is also delivering emergency kits to individuals who are highly susceptible to COVID-19 and should stay home. In addition to older adults, the Food Bank is reaching families with children who are now home and many who are in need of food assistance for the very first time. The Food Bank is able to help people who struggle with hunger thanks to the generosity of our community.

Help sustain our increased need to fight hunger and give hope. Support our neighborhoods in need by contacting Roger Castle at [email protected] or 323-234-3030 x147.