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Delivering Food Provides Homebound Residents a Sense of Security


Having nutritious, prepared food brought to Lydia's home through the Food Bank and Meals on Wheels lessens her worry about not having enough to last through the month.

Lydia is a food recipient from St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, one of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank's partner agencies.

While most of the Food Bank's partner agencies set up distributions at their facilities, allowing those in need to come and obtain food there, St. Vincent Meals on Wheels is different. The mission of St. Vincent Meals on Wheels is to prepare and deliver nutritious food to homebound residents throughout Los Angeles County who are unable to shop and cook for themselves.

Lydia is an older adult and blind. She describes how sometimes she runs out of food toward the end of the month. It is important for her to eat regularly to ensure her blood-sugar levels remain within range. Although her family visits often and provides as much support as possible, she still needs extra help with some of her meals. That's where the Food Bank and Meals on Wheels come in.

Meals on Wheels prepares ready-to-eat food that is delivered right to Lydia's doorstep. In addition, they deliver grocery-style food that was provided by the Food Bank ahead of time to the Meals on Wheels facility. That's where St. Vincent Meals on Wheels volunteers prepare the bags of food, like those delivered to Lydia.

"They help me a lot because I don't have to worry about what I'm going to eat for lunch," Lydia says. "All of this is a great big help for those who are in need."

Your support is a lifeline for people like Lydia. Contact Roger Castle at 323-234-3030 x147 or [email protected] to learn how you can help them today.